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WINE WITHOUT WALLS is the section of 5StarWines dedicated to natural, biodynamic and low sulphite wines.

The section aims at acknowledging and giving international recognition to those wine producers defining new sustainable methods both in the vineyards and the cellar.


In this edition, the dedicated Wine Without Walls jury will evaluate biodynamic and organic wines using the same methods as with 5StarWines. The panel of judges will assign the partial scores and will subject each wine presented to a visual, olfactory and gustatory examination: the average of these produces the final score out of 100.


Wines getting a score of 90/100 or more, will be published in the “Wine Without Walls” special section of the 5StarWines-the Book guide with their respective score. The guide is an effective promotional and commercial tool, distributed to an international audience made up of wine buyers and professionals.


From this year on, participation to Wine Without Walls is restricted to companies producing wines with sulphite levels below 80 mg/it. Read the guidelines to take part to Wine Without Walls here:


The blind tasting of the enrolled wines and the 5StarWines will take place simultaneously, from the 3rd to 5th of April 2019.


The tasting and evaluation of WINE WITHOUT WALLS will be conducted by a dedicated jury made up of experts in the fields of natural, biodynamic and low sulphite wines. The international judges are coordinated by Monty Waldin, writer and advisor specialized in natural and biodynamic wines.

The wines included in the selection for Wine Without Walls are: still wines, classic method, sparkling, sweet and fortified. They must also follow the below rules:

In the vineyard, the agronomy must follow the plant’s growth. It must respect its natural development as much as possible without interfering. Particular attention must be given to the soil’s biological fertility, protecting the biodiversity and balance of the vineyard’s ecosystem.

The wine must be produced from certified biological (EU Regulation 203/2012, published on the EU Official Gazzette on 9 March 2012) biodynamic grapes (Certificate Demeter, RESPEKT, SIVCBD, Biodyvin), or from grapes not processed with fertilised NPK, systemic sprays or treatments banned by EU regulations of biological agents starting from at least 36 months before their harvest.

Wine obtained from these grapes must not be made by employing techniques such as micro-oxygenation, reverse osmosis, thermovinification, concentration, chaptalisation, PVPP, pasteurisation, or addition of pectinolytic enzymes, DAP, ascorbic acid, or sorbic acid.

The wine must be from grapes whose alcoholic fermentation or fermentations in the case of sparkling wines and those whose malolactic fermentation (where applicable) occur naturally, meaning without recourse to extraneous (eg. commercially prepared) yeast cultures. Fermentation triggered using a ‘pied de cuve’ generated from estate grapes is permitted.

Fortified wines must be made using certified biological or biodynamic grapes.

Once admitted, wines will be divided into the following categories:

  1. Sulphite-free wines
  2. Wines containing added sulphites (produced by alcoholic fermentation and then added) should not exceed the 80mg/l limit.



All the wines that achieve 90/100 will be selected for the guide, they will receive an official certificate in printed form with the obtained score.


All the wineries participating to Vinitaly 2019 and that manage to get at least one label on the 5StarWines-the Book guide will be searchable on the Vinitaly App, dedicated to the most important international buyers coming to the fair.

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Wine Without Walls: Panel of Judges 2019

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