• Cantina Toblino
    By Margherita Andrenacci

    Cantina Toblino – as told by Giovanni Luigi Brumat

    Cantina Toblino, represented by its brand manager Giovanni Luigi Brumat, featured in 5StarWines – the Book, with five of its amazing wines represented. Two of which fit the requirements of Wine Without Walls, the selection dedicated to organic wines. During the last edition of wine2wine, held in Verona in November 2019, Brumat spoke to us […]

  • Cantina di Soave
    By Margherita Andrenacci

    Let’s have a chat with Cantina di Soave

    Cantina di Soave’s Lessini Durello DOC Spumante Brut “Settecento33” was awarded “Best Sparkling Wine of 2019” by 5StarWines – the Book, with a phenomenal score of 93/100. Since that was not the only bottle by Cantina di Soave that made it in our guide, in this blog post we would like to dig deeper into […]

  • By Margherita Andrenacci

    Sustainable Wine: the Market of the Future

    Sustainability and sustainable wine production. It might seem like a straightforward concept, but what does it actually mean? It is something becoming more and more relevant, especially throughout the food and beverage industry. It is a keyword, influencing both the wine market and its consumers; a concept that is growing in value day by day. […]

  • giudici-blog
    By Marina Lovato

    Behind the scenes: who are the typical judges of 5StarWines

    April 3rd, 2019: it’s a warm spring morning at the Veronafiere. At Vinitaly International, 5StarWines is ready to kick off: the selection of Italian and foreign wines, made by highly qualified international experts will be held here for the next three days. The main protagonists will be the bottles themselves, or at least an abstract […]

  • import-bottle-southafrica
    By Joy Livingston

    Italian Wine Import into South Africa: a brief discussion

    Importing Italian wine into South Africa (SA) might seem daunting since it is a prolific wine-producing nation in its own right. Breaking ground in this market takes effort, creativity and smart planning. To understand which wines would do well, and which are the demographics to target, one should first analyze the domestic market. Domestic wine […]

  • China-5StarWines
    By Ornella Begalli

    How to make sure you win over your Chinese clients

    Some of the cultural and ethical values deeply rooted in Chinese society are reflected in the way many of its companies operate. Understanding and knowing these principles is a great advantage for all those entrepreneurs who aim to gain a stronger and long-lasting foothold in the Chinese market. If you’re one of these individuals, our […]

  • By Ornella Begalli

    4 things you should know about the Indian wine market

    Often referred to as one of the most important emerging markets, the Indian market is inherently fascinating both for its opportunities, as well as for the challenges it presents. Such a multifaceted panorama deserves special attention, especially when it comes to its wine market. The bad news India does not have a wine culture. The […]

  • By Ornella Begalli

    The land of the tsars: some tips on how to export your wine to Russia

    After the political crisis of 2014, the Russian market underwent considerable transformation and the repercussions endure to this day. The collapse of the Russian Ruble and the embargo on products from certain countries made things difficult, however, these were not unhappy consequences for everyone: Italian wine producers saw benefits to hard times, then and now. […]

  • By Ornella Begalli

    What to pair with your Italian wine: the Brazilian market

    Imagine staring at a crowded shelf of wine labels. Most of them come from Brazil, Chile and Argentina; some from Portugal and Italy; a few from France and Spain. Now imagine that this shelf is in a wine shop, in the eleventh most populated city in the world, in the fifth largest country on the […]

  • BRICS Map
    By Ornella Begalli

    Not only China: wine export countries you should seriously consider

    Participation in wine competitions can provide several opportunities to wine exporters. There is greater consumer appeal as the wine receives a promotional boost and there is a general improvement in brand reputation. It is clear that these factors give impetus to thousands of wineries which continue to register their products in competitions each year all […]