Cantina Toblino, represented by its brand manager Giovanni Luigi Brumat, featured in 5StarWines – the Book, with five of its amazing wines represented. Two of which fit the requirements of Wine Without Walls, the selection dedicated to organic wines.
During the last edition of wine2wine, held in Verona in November 2019, Brumat spoke to us about Cantina Toblino and its best seller wines.

The cooperative was established in 1960 by a small group of wine growers that were primarily focusing on two grapes varieties: Nosiola for the whites and Schiava for the reds. The company has grown and developed – now counting more than 600 growers and 800 hectares of vines. Yet that is not all! Cantina Toblino has a special feature: 40 hectares of privately owned and certified organic vines in front of its main building, standing as a symbol of their innovative vision of organic production – that started in 2012. Almost 1/3 of the whole their territory, (300 hectares) are certified organic, therefore Cantina Toblino owns 10% of the total organic vineyards planted in Trento.


What about Cantina Toblino Wines?

There are many bottles from which you can choose; starting from Nosiola, a native grape variety that can be adapted to produce various styles of wine, from a fresh and easy-to-drink wine that undergoes only steel ageing to Nosiola that stands out for its 6 year maturation in large oak barrels, giving complex yet suble oak to this exceptional wine. They even produce a classical late harvest Nosiola which is dry and undergoes 1 year in acacia tonneaux.


And what about Vino Santo?

Cantina Toblino’s Vino Santo was awarded “Best Sweet Wine in Italy” by Gambero Rosso, 2019. But let’s begin from its origins in the early 20th Century. Cantina Toblino started making its first vino Santo in 1965, taking it to the market 7 years later in 1972. Thankfully for Vino Santo, in recent years the production technology has developed thus increasing its quality, longevity and reputation. Now grapes are harvested in the first half of October, then dried for 6 entire months. We are talking about a natural air drying, with the job done by the winds from both Garda Lake and the Dolomites. The Lora wind, from lake Garda builds speed when crossing the Bolzano and Trento valleys. However it arrives as a warm and soft breeze as it crosses the Valle dei Laghi. The other wind, Peler, comes from the Dolomites and is stronger and cool. These winds are crucial for the process, helping to dry the easily water-logged clay based soils.


It is always fascinating being able to hear the history of different wineries, how they were born, their development and their present, the way they are facing changes and the ways their techniques and technology has developed. At 5StarWines and Wines Without Walls we explore these aspects as much as possible, believing that the product is only the final result of a whole history made of family, friendship, hard work and passion, a lot of it.

Pics by: Cantina Toblino

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