The tasting generally takes place in April, during the days immediately preceding Vinitaly. The 2020 Edition was instead held in “Agile” mode from June 10th. The results of the 2020 Selection are available on the Home Page of this website.

The 5StarWines and Wine Without Walls judges are high profile professionals selected by the Scientific Committee, with heterogeneous backgrounds, curricula, and geographical origins. Among them are Masters of Wine, Italian Wine Ambassadors and Experts, Sommeliers with proven international experience, oenologists, journalists, and writers who specialize in wine.

In light of the recent restrictions on international mobility adopted by individual countries to contain the spread of COVID-19 epidemic, during the “Agile” Edition 2020 some judges carried out the tasting at home, others at Veronafiere. The judges were selected on the basis of their ability to 1) receive, store, and preserve the samples according to strict procedures; 2) be supported by a third party during the sorting and tasting of wine samples.

The Committees evaluate the samples of wine using a specific WebApp.

Assessment criteria for the 2020 “Agile” Edition:

  • Look: up to 20 points
  • Smell: up to 40 points
  • Taste: up to 40 points

Once in the warehouse, the samples are classified, sorted, and anonymized. The bottles are then grouped by type and grape variety, and assigned to the judges according to their specific area of expertise. For the “Agile” 2020 edition, the wines were assigned to the judges in batteries of 6 samples each.

All these activities are carried out under the coordination of the Scientific Director, and in collaboration with a team of expert oenologists from Assoenologi. During the tasting, each judge carries out two tasting sessions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Companies which get selected for 5StarWines – the Book will receive a copy of the International Guide. The Guide will be sent directly to the address indicated at the time of registration.

Every year, the Guide is distributed to an international audience of wine business operators: producers, distributors, and international buyers during the events organised by Veronafiere, in Italy and abroad. The Guide is also available in digital format.

Wine producers who obtain a score of 90/100 or more will receive a paper and digital diploma, respectively at the address and e-mail address indicated during registration.

Producers whose wines score from 85 to 89 points, although not included in the Guide, will receive a digital certificate, with the score, at the e-mail address indicated during registration.

Participation in the 5StarWines and Wine Without Walls Selection has many advantages for wineries: you can learn more on the “Why participate?” section of this website.

Every company that has participated in 5StarWines and Wine Without Walls, even if not selected, can ask for the evaluation form filled in by the judges, which will be sent privately to the e-mail address provided.

All companies whose wines have achieved a score of at least 90/100 will receive the stickers corresponding to the score achieved, in digital and paper format.

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