Useful Information

The tasting will take place in April 2020. Shortly after the event, the results of the selection will be available on the website.

Consult the pricing list for the registration of the wines to the 5StarWines 2020 tasting on the “Apply now” Page in our website


The invoice, valid for tax purposes, can be consulted on the Inland Revenue’s website in electronic format.

A dedicated rate is reserved for companies participating in Vinitaly 2020, Vinitaly International Tour 2019/2020, and 5StarWines 2019/2020.

All wineries are entitled to an early-bird discount of 15% on the total price of wine registration, valid until 31 January 2020.

All wineries are entitled to an early-bird discount of 10% on the total price of wines, valid until 28 February 2020.

After completing the online registration form and making the payment, each participant must send the following for each wine registered for 5StarWines.

Quantity of samples per label:

  • No. 4 labelled bottles with a capacity of 0.750 liters (samples without commercial value)
  • No. 8 labelled bottles with a capacity of 0.500 or 0.375 liters (samples without commercial value).
  • a paper copy of the summary generated for each wine registered at the end of the payment procedure, and received by e-mail.
  • No. 4 printed labels (front and back), the same as those affixed to the bottles and with all the details of the wine, for each type of wine sent.


NB: once registration has been completed, the 5StarWines & Wine Without Walls team will send an email containing a summary of the registered labels.

Each package corresponds to a registered label and must include:

In the email with the generated summary, there will be a link to a template, which must be printed, completed and affixed to the outside of the box containing the n. 4 samples of the registered label.

In addition to the recipient’s address, you must indicate the “Order Number“, the identification number of your order that can be viewed on the summary email, the number of total registered labels and the number of the packages on the total quantity.

Samples can be shipped via the Shipping Courier of your choice.

1. Shipping Address for Italian and EU wineries:

Kuehne + Nagel Expo & Event Logistics – M.D.B. srl (Mail Date Bureau srl)

via Staffali, 10

37062 Dossobuono (VR) – Italy

Warehouse working hours: 8:00 am -12:00 pm / 1:00-6:00 pm

Tel. +39 045 986601

2. Shipping Address for non-EU wineries:

Kuehne + Nagel Expo & Event Logistics

Via Belgio, porta E

37135 Verona (VR) – Italy

Warehouse working hours: 8:30 am -12:30 pm / 1:30-5:30 pm

The samples must arrive between February 24 and April 3, the deadline for delivery. Samples that arrive after this date will not be accepted.

The judges are high profile professionals selected by a Scientific Committee, with different backgrounds, profiles and different countries. Among them are Masters of Wine, Masters of Sommelier, Sommeliers with proven professional experience, oenologists, journalists and expert writers in the field. The judges are divided into panels of approximately 5 people each, these groups are based on their specialization in specific grape varieties or geographical areas.

During the event, the judges will judge each wine tasted through the Evaluation App on their respective tablets. Scores are assigned based on three factors:

  • View: up to 20 points
  • Smell: up to 40 points
  • Taste: up to 40 points

Prior to the event the wines will have been warehoused, the samples classified, sorted and anonymized. They are then subdivided by type and vine variety and assigned to each Panel on the basis of the Panel’s specific knowledge. These activities are carried out under the coordination of the Scientific Director and in collaboration with a team of expert oenologists from Assoenologi.

During the event, each committee carries out two tasting sessions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Companies with at least one label selected in the 5StarWines – the Book 2020 Guide will receive a copy of the international guide, this will be sent directly to the address indicated at the time of registration.

The Guide will also be distributed, to an international audience of sector operators: producers, distributors and international buyers during the events organized by Vinitaly in Italy and abroad, and will also be downloadable in digital format.

Wines that obtain a score of 90/100 and above will receive a paper diploma that will be delivered during Vinitaly 2020, this is done for exhibiting companies, or it can be delivered to the address indicated during registration. After the event his certificate will also be immediately sent digitally.

The wines ranked with a score of 85 to 89 points, even if they are not selected for the Guide, will receive a certificate of their score in digital format, this will be sent to the e-mail address provided during the registration process.

All participating companies will also receive in digital format of the evaluation form with the tasting notes formulated by the Panel.


For non – EU wineries, we suggest shipping wines through EU importers.

Furthermore, if you are shipping your wines from a non – EU Country we have a special agreements with Kuehne + Nagel( to ensure the best customs clearance fees; the totals:

  • 295,00€ – if shipping up to 4 types of wines registered with 5StarWines (in shipments of 16 bottles)
  • 20,00€ – for each additional H.S. Code (type of wine) with a maximum, additional € 25,00 of cargo value CIF Verona

To take advantage of these special prices, you must comply with the conditions listed below.

Mandatory conditions for the participants/shippers:

  • goods to be shipped with DHL only
  • goods to be accompanied with Kuehne + Nagel Expo’s “CIPL Consumables” only
  • maximum cargo value CIF Verona = 100,00€ for each basic shipment of max 32 kg/16 bottles
  • maximum 4 H.S. Codes or product types for each shipment
  • cargo must reach DHL Italy Entry Hub before the 8th of March

The discounted special lump sum only applies in case of full compliance with all the above-mentioned conditions. Rates do not include VAT (if applicable)

In case of failure to comply with one or more of the above terms, the standard fees will be charged (which are apx. double)

Prior to shipment, we suggest you contact the Kuehne + Nagel offices in writing: and no later than March 1st.


  1. Fill in the CIPL Consumables and advance a copy to Kuehne + Nagel for approval prior to shipment.
  2. After CIPL Consumables has been approved by Kuehne + Nagel, contact your local DHL office to arrange the shipment.
  3. The consignee in DHL’s AWB must be the same as stated in the CIPL Consumables.
  4. Once available, scan and e-mail copy of DHL’s AWB + CIPL Consumables to

The special lump sum fee covers the customs clearance fees only and applies if you send up to 4 types of wines. An additional 20 Euro will be charged for each extra bottle. 

Shipment fees are not included and are dependent on DHL’s fee calculator.

Download Ship Guidelines non EU Wines
Download CIPL 5 Star Wines 2019 (filled example)

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