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5StarWines tasting will take place on the 3rd to 5th of April 2019. The prize-winning wines will be announced and presented trophies in a special event organized by Veronafiere. The list of award-winning companies and wines will be published on this website beginning April 7th, 2019. Please visit the event page for all up-to-date information.

Find 5StarWines registration fees are listed on the Apply Now page.

Veronafiere will send the invoice 90 days after receipt of the payment, more or less.

Yes: 5StarWines 2019 offers special discounts to participating companies. Vinitaly 2019 exhibitors are entitled to register one of their wines for free.

The producers registering by December 21 2018 can benefit of an early bird discount (15% off the total subscription cost).

The producers who took part in 5StarWines selection 2018 (and received a personal discount code) can count on a 20% discount off the total registration cost. Wines must be registered by October 31 2018. This offer cannot be combined with other promotions.

Producers who took part in Vinitaly, 5StarWines or Vinitaly International 2018 will not have to pay the 25 € registration fee.

For each sample of wine, the presenting company must send the following items.

  • N° 4  x 0.750 l bottles, complete with all labels (non-commercial samples).
  • N° 8  x 0.500 l or 0.375 l bottles, complete with all labels (non-commercial samples).
  • A printed copy of the online registration (received by e-mail), complete in all its parts and specifically indicating the category and group to which the wine belongs.
  • N° 4 labels and any back labels identical to those used for the wine entered.

The following must be clearly written on the wine carton: “NON-COMMERCIAL SAMPLE sent for 5StarWines-the Book” – c/o Veronafiere – Viale del Lavoro, 8 – 37135 Verona.

We suggest non EU wineries ship their wines through EU importers.

Furthermore, we have a special agreement with Kuehne + Nagel (verona.fiere@kuehne-nagel.com) to ensure the best custom clearance fees:

  • 295 € – if shipping up to 4 types of wines registered at 5StarWines (in shipments of 16 bottles)
  • 20,00 € – for each additional H.S. Code (type of wine) with a maximum, additional € 25,00 of cargo value CIF Verona

To benefit from this fare you must comply with the following mandatory conditions.

  • Goods to be shipped with DHL only
  • Goods to be accompanied with Kuehne + Nagel Expo’s “CIPL Consumables” only
  • Maximum cargo value CIF Verona = € 100,00 for each basic shipment of max 32 kg/16 bottles
  • Maximum 4 H. S. codes or product types for each shipment
  • Cargo must reach DHL Italy Entry Hub before March 8th

The discounted special lump-sum only applies in case of full compliance with all the above mentioned conditions. Rates do not include VAT (if applicable).

In case of failure to comply with one or more of the above terms, the standard fees will be charged (which are apx.double).

Prior to shipment, we suggest you contact with Kuehne + Nagel offices:  please write to verona.fiere@kuehne-nagel.com by March 1st.


  1. fill in the CIPL Consumables and advance a copy to Kuehne + Nagel for approval prior to shipment
  2. after CIPL Consumables has been approved by Kuehne + Nagel, contact your local DHL office to arrange the shipment
  3. the consignee in DHL’s AWB must be the same as stated in the CIPL Consumables
  4. once available, scan and e-mail copy of DHL’s AWB + CIPL Consumables to verona.fiere@kuehne-nagel.com

The special lump-sum fee covers the clearance custom expenses only, and applies if you send up to 4 types of wines. An additional 20 Euro will be charged for each extra bottle.

Shipment fees are not included, and depend from the DHL fares.

The presenting company must send its wine samples by courier and/or regular mail between the period of February 1st and March 15th, 2019. Samples that arrive late will not be collected, and will therefore automatically excluded.

The Jury is comprised of several Committees/Panels, each of which is appointed by the Senior General Chairman LYNNE SHERRIFF MW and the Organizing Committee. Each Committee/Panel consists of 4 members, chosen among expert tasters (Italian or foreign experts in the wine sector, journalists/wine writers in the Italian and international trade press, oenologists), plus a Panel Chairman.

The Committees evaluate the samples of wine using specific assessment cards (which may also be in digital format using tablets) and give a score expressed in hundredths. Tasting criteria:

  • Look: up to 20 points
  • Smell: up to 40 points
  • Taste: up to 40 points

On receipt of samples, the organizers will ensure their proper storage in accordance with the strictest technical standards in the sector. Before being presented to the juries for assessment, all wine samples will be made anonymous by use of specific codes attributed to each sample by the appointed person chosen by the organizing Committee (the Legal Coordinator).

The wines that score 90+ out of 100 at the tasting will be selected to be included in the international wine guide 5StarWines-the Book 2019.

Each company selected will receive a hard copy of the guide. The book will also be distributed to professionals and key buyers during the major trade fairs in the sector, B2B meetings, tastings and masterclasses.

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